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Social Thinking

  • Some people seem to have this “social thinking” trait built in! Most just have to work at it.

My Questions

  • Why do friendships/relationships take work? What do people mean when they say that?


Do I have to maintain friendships with a lot of people? Why not just my friends from school or people with similar interests and focus on life? I feel really guilty about this!

  • I think it'd be good / okay to be a leader in doing things that you enjoy doing and in trying new things that you haven't done before. I.E.: Be selfish in your time/interests, and only help when people ask for help and it's your skill.
    • Jon Wei: The president of his ministry…Cross <Seekers>? says he decided to specialize in one or two things. To really go deep in them.
  • “Jesus calls us to help others”. Does that mean all the time?!?!
  • Julia suggests helping those with brain diseases. There's no smile, no response back. They really don't have anything to give back to you! It's seems dumb until you're in that situation. However, I'd almost rather die in that situation.
    • I'm still not sure why she said that.

Ch 1

  • Apparently it's weird to pick yourself in areas that people aren't used to seeing “in public”. Hmm..maybe society should change?
  • If you do things that people expect, then they'll think better of you. If you do things that are unexpected, that usually makes them have uncomfortable or weird emotions. People don't think you are weird, but the way you act might be weird.

Ch. 8 Levels of Friendship

Most of the guys in the groups weren't really taking any action themselves to help themselves move to different levels of friends. They were sad or frustrated because they were waiting for others to come to them.

* I sort of have the opposite problem. It's not that I have junk to hide from others, but I enjoy learning / making things more than going out of my way to check on people all the time / not have fruitful conversations. This will hopefully change over time.

  • However, I really enjoyed being able to care about Julia and receiving care from her. The really awkward conversations were tough though.
  • I don't think I've ever gone out of my way to be friends with people I didn't think I could learn from. Additionally, I don't ask about how they are doing a lot, because it takes additional effort to commit to care and I don't have a lot of energy right now.
  • Friendship is remarkable. It makes us all feel a bit better about ourselves. However, friendships require work on everyone's part ot last over time. But the rewards are definitely worth the effort!
  • Hmm…what were the benefits again?

Ch. 11 I Like Being Alone!

  • Some alone time is good, but you will keep descending into a cave of despair/depression if you don't find some people to interact with.
  • You don't develop connections with other people, and ultimately that doesn't feel good. You might just have to take our word on this
    • Feels pretty hand-wavy :-)
  • I think I want to get more friends that enjoy research like I do. Maybe bond with school friends / Al more.

Ch. 12 Hooking Up / Dating

  • Seems very vague and unclear and loose morally chapter and a lot of stuff I don't agree with. “Some people still are waiting until marriage until having sex”

Ch. 13

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