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Great XLS from the Census. Occupation, amount, and median wages for men and women.

  • Approximately equal numbers of transportation workers and “computer and mathematical occupations” (not including engineers) in 2015, ~3.5 million
  • Chinese wages are 1/5 American wages? Is it 1/5 as cheap over there? From Frontline special on Dayton, Ohio ( and why the Chinese businessman is making stuff there.

Occupation Visualization

Brenda Turner is a contact at Oregon Employment.

  • BLS has occupational employment survey. 2016 Oregon:
  • Stephen Wolfram gave a really cool view of jobs over time in his talk at SXSW. How to best match young people with occupations they'd be interested in, over time?
    • He probably got his data from the US Census Bureau, in particular the section on “Occupations in the <1900> Census” All in PDF.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

API is, sorta. Finding a code is hard, try DataQuery?

ID Meaning
LAU Local Area Unemployment
CN ???

Another source is the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but it seems to not contain the long history like the census site does. Search in Google and find the information you're looking for based on words contained within.

  • Descriptions of the different datasets. And it goes back to 1939 approximately. Good enough for most things today. Includes reporting from businesses directly (Occupational Employment <OE>), and other stuff. ASK A GOOD QUESTION FIRST!
  • Would be best to make a Makefile to download and clean up data to TSV, like here, explained by Mike Bostocks
  • You shouldn't judge jobs based on pay. More important is the difficulty you have in getting a job (market demand / labor supply) doing something that you like doing!
  • Why is there such a big emphasis on STEM?
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