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The Immigrant Story


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Add another “row” by editing “Front Page” page.

Response Time

Digital Ocean

Trying standard Wordpress install, but dies when more than 1-2 users access it because it ran out of RAM and is dynamically allocating more ram and we're at 80% of 1GB. Lame.

  • Bluehost domain name change service:
  • All in One Wordpress, use 64MB chunks?
  • Enable mod_expires module in Apache for specifying asset timeout on client side
    • Logs are in /var/log/syslog. Don't have mysql logs on right now.
      • DigitalOcean tried to restart apache, but couldn't. Weird.
    • Each apache process for me is ~80MB, so only want say 5 of them on. Set min alternate to 0 and max alternate to 5 . Editing /etc/apache2/mods-available/mpm_prefork.conf.
    • Edited /etc/mysql/my.cnf as recommended. Be sure to add [mysqld] to the top of the edited section.
      • Can't turn off innodb anymore. So I'm just limiting the innodb-buffer-pool-size to 16M. Doesn't seem to affect performance under no load. Probably fine.
  • Use WP Fastest Cache and Jetpack only
    • 700ms TTFB before caching to 150ms after caching from WP Fastest Cache.
    • Want to compress images.
    • All the html pages are set up to not cache at all. That's a problem! They should cache for a few hours. But not a few days because there might be updates.
      • Tried adjusting /var/www/html/.htaccess but it didn't work… The section was further up. But there was still a 150ms request to only find out that nothing changed? Kinda weird, and probably not worth optimizing at this point.
    • CDN is working for the small images, but not for the theme front page images.
    • Images are loaded twice?
    • Set jetpack to also do theme images?
    • Remove captcha? Where does it come from?
    • Remove lighthouse and shipwreck image? Nope
    • Problem with using webp is supporting older browser. Just use a 20-30% bigger JPEG image for the main site? Or put in the work to get it working.

Trying out litespeed wordpress template:


Works the best. To be clear, the *WinHTTrack* works the best. The linux one (WebHTTrack) didn't quite get everything. Also the behavior is slightly different.

  • Don't want to copy external sites. Otherwise everything is default.
  • Do not get non-HTML files related to a link. The link will hopefully keep working or you can get a copy on archive.
Clone Wiki
  • Do copy cache, since we are getting served it.
+*.png +*.gif +*.jpg +*.jpeg +*.css +*.js* -mime:application/foobar

-*recent -*edit -*revision -*backlink -*siteexport -*siteexport_addpage -*dokuwiki__top -*&do=media -*index -*&do=login* -*&do=resendpwd* -*do=export*


Better is to just render WP to HTML for now.

Trying to speed up the immigrant story ….

Enabling the CDN here caused everything to crash!

  • Got to it from Wordpress site Bluehost plugin, with the CDN tab on top.
  • CloudFlare uses cloud certificates, wouldn't require re-uploading the certificate every 90 days.

opcache_enabled=1 in php.ini

BlueSky, paid Bluehost Wordpress-specific support. $99/mo

Higher CPU usage on our server right now. Box 2233

  • WP Pro hosting. 50-200 people vs. 1100 people shared on same server. More processing power available. But starts at $30/mo

VPS gives you full access, but Bluehost wouldn't be managing anything. Not ideal for our use case.

Also dan luu:

This blog is a static Octopress site, hosted on GitHub Pages.

Time to first byte is ~2 seconds. Even though caching at all levels is turned on. Argh. Going to profile with laptop tomorrow. Hopefully will reproduce

Sorta got things working with XDebug and XAMPP, however the php7 included didn't have debug symbols. Argh. Also start XAMPP in admin mode to avoid Apache startup problems.

Anyways, enabling WP Super Cache helped a lot. I feel that additional help (if needed) will come from minifying / CDN / etc. See the “recommended Links and Plugins” on the WP Super Cache setting page on Wordpress.

Older stuff

HTML Standard: Free text input field with dropdown. Probably taxing for large lists, but good for short ones!

  • However doesn't work in Safari >.<
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