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 ====== Testing ====== ====== Testing ======
 +===== Sandi Metz =====
 +Very interesting ideas.
 +  * With command query separation and OO, there are some tests that you shouldn't write.
 +  * Don't do Faux-O. Either do simple or once the project gets large, then do real OO.
 +    * "I can't tell where the implementation actually is, as it's spread across files and isn't on one screen! //That's the point!//"
 +===== APIs =====
 +Really helpful. I had notes somewhere, but basically it's the difference between 3D printing a bicycle once and saying "let's call this a wheel, this a fork, this a frame, this a handlebar, etc", and test them all separately. Then integrate them together. Swap parts out easily, etc. All that standard stuff.
 +Makes it a lot easier to use the code when it's not a 500-line long monstrosity :-)
 ===== TDD (Test Driven Development) ===== ===== TDD (Test Driven Development) =====
 Interesting... Interesting...
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