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Anne is using, and apparently that is better than others (PhoneGap, Cordova)

Remote Control

AirDroid seems ok, except that you can't adjust settings.

If need to fall back to something, Vysor allows wireless access for $2/month. Also free version can probably just be plugged into web server via usb.

UI is very important

Having no UI is even better. This is the video that you watched that Bret Victor linked to where Google employee redesigned interfaces for interacting with people as opposed to selling things.

Google Maps

Super laggy and doesn't work on my Nexus 5 now for some reason. Worked to run the below, avoided an issue with no global clock thing.

python ./ -t 5 -o ./trace.html gfx input view webview wm am sm hal app res dalvik rs bionic power idle

Nexus 5 Power button

Significant Motion and Proximity sensor are the only ones that are wake sensors (low power and wake up the cpu, don't require wake lock)

Nexus 5 USB Connection Issues

Some USB cables are charging only >.<

When I plug it in, most of the time the usb connections dropdown doesn't come up… === Things I tried that didn't work=== * Enabling USB debugging and swtiching MTP a few times in Developer settings. Nope… * Boot to safe mode Will try next restoring to factory defaults. * Need to sync pictures to dropbox folder… * Already took pictures of apps. Need to sync back down. * After that Maybe downgrading to Android 5 or upgrading to 7. Or using your own build and debugging when it stops working. But then usb debug won't work at that point >.<

iPhone vs Android


According to Anne W., iPhone is more reliable hardware wise, but releasing an app is super annoying.

I would add that I can't “find my phone” without data turned on all the time. You can theoretically do it over SMS with jailbreak, but even then the $5 app didn't work and the developer didn't email me back!

iPhone doesn't let you load files from work off of USB. For example, playing YouTube videos on bus ride home on 1.5X. Also, work blocks the VLC temp server on your phone. The only option is uploading to Dropbox and hoping your app implements a Dropbox API or … wait for it … waiting until you get home. :-/ It's pretty sad that I can't wait :P Have to install iTunes, but then you can use for free.


Android Lost looks like a great way to find your Android phone and report back GPS coordinates! Enabling GPS without a user popup isn't allowed in 4.4+ without rooting your phone. Ok, here we go:

//In Ubuntu. 
sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot
adb devices 

//For nexus 5, hold down power and volume down button for ~15 seconds to go to bootloader environment
// More at


//Assuming Google Nexus devices. Other manufacturers are trickier
fastboot oem unlock
  • Unfortunately to do the same on iOS requires jailbreaking and finding an app that will do it over SMS, which this one might do. Another option

Transfer music from someone else's computer? Done, everything is exposed on their machine when you allow it, which makes offloading stuff without completely backing up everything on your phone before downloading something <ahem apple> really nice!

Putting stock ROM back onto HTC phone

Android Programming

  • Android 3.1 adds support for USB Serial (host). The phone needs to have support for USB On-The-Go as well though (ability to switch between host and slave modes)


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