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Maybe all of this is just premature optimization…and we need more visual-type tools?!

Visual Tools

Bret Victor Style

Open Source



Shortcut Does
Ctrl + R Function List
Ctrl + P Open a file / function
Ctrl + G Go to line
Alt + - Jump back
Alt + Shift + - Jump forward



Commonly used shortcuts by me:

Current .vimrc file (Dropbox)

Keystroke Action
D Delete to end of line
dt <space> Delete to character (<space>, <,>
O Insert new line above current line and start inserting
gd Go to declaration over cursor (Vrapper in Eclipse, with PyDev plugin)
(selected funky pasted stuff) + <Enter> Vim cleans it up for you!
df! Delete up to '!'

* Vim also has visual block selection and other stuff: * Some other vrapper Eclipse shortcuts. Probably not using, but gives examples of how to config eclipse things

Remaining Questions

* “Scroll” upward quickly. Probably best achieved by searching for function call.

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