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Using Eclipse

Don't install it, then you have to deal with proxies and installing the CDT package. Just download the .zip. :)

KBD Meaning
Ctrl+Shift+P Go to closing bracket/brace/paren
Ctrl+Shift+G List all uses in codebase
F3 Go to definition

Look in Dropbox for the most current Eclipse preferences file

Launch the last launched application instead of the currently selected application (default):

  1. Go to Window > Preferences > Run/Debug > Launching.
  2. Select the option Always launch the previously launched application. It’s located at the bottom of the dialog.
  • Clean up your code (tabs, unused imports, etc.) automagically…on saving. Indentation was a little weird (it forced 80 lines strictly), but I hope to look into it later…
  • To show the code inside of brackets, double-click to the right of the opening bracket!
  • Backspace and other keys won't work. StackOverflow fix. Reassigns all the keys to null???

Eclipse Neon

Why is it auto jumping to the first error? I'm trying to edit here! Turn it off!

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