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 +===== Seymour Papert =====
 +==== Children's Machine ====
 +=== Prologue ===
 +Today, most people are doing jobs that did not exist when they were born...the competitive ability is the ability to **learn**.
 +America would do well to learn from the Japanese on how to learn instead of complaining that they took our technology.
 +=== Acknowledgements ===
 +<list of smart people>, all of these people were constantly with me as internalized voices in a virtual dialogue.
 +<Papert's wife> exercised extra-ordinary ingenuity, patience, and self-denial to give me hte best possible conditions for work. Her presence in those aspects of life --**intellectual, spiritual, and emotional**-- that go beyond the professional and practical is so far beyond words that I must fall silent. 
 +=== Ch 1 Yearners and Schoolers ===
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