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 ==== Tax loss harvesting ==== ==== Tax loss harvesting ====
 +Could do it during Coronavirus,​ but for some reason emotionally don't want to deal with it. 
 +== Implementation in M1 ==
 +  * Adjust asset allocation from VOO/VO/VB to VTI so that losses equal 3K.
 +  * Force rebalance for that amount
 +  * Increase allocation of VTI so that future contributions (30 days worth) will go into VTI and not the ones sold (wash sale)
 Still don't quite feel comfortable. Lots of rules here: https://​​wiki/​Tax_loss_harvesting#​Fine_points_about_tax_loss_harvesting Still don't quite feel comfortable. Lots of rules here: https://​​wiki/​Tax_loss_harvesting#​Fine_points_about_tax_loss_harvesting
   * Don't want automatic reinvesting   * Don't want automatic reinvesting
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