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-==== God doesn'​t want robots ==== 
-Nolan: The argument goes: "God wants people to love him freely. Nobody actually wants a Stepford wife / husband. Therefore like a human, God wants to know that we love him. So he gives us free will to choose heaven or hell. And we are responsible,​ the blame is no longer on Him" Mmm, sorta. 
-  * Dogs are like halfway to a Stepford wife 
-"If you don't have the ability to do evil, then that is not living. There'​s no life there. You're like a Stepford Wife" 
-- Heaven is like this. Is heaven lifeless then? 
-- We want our pets/​children to obey what we say. Does that not make for a more peaceful life? To be able to do good things and not be able or be tempted to do bad things? I would enjoy thinking that way! 
-- Why is Stepford wife bad? Because she was portrayed as .... Robotic in the movie? 
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