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New for me, should be fun.


Painters tape and super glue is common.

I kind of want to try construction tabs. Need to do 2D contour :/

Adaptive Clearing

Surface Finishing

Typical terms are a Face Mill or a Tormach Superfly. Not sure what they look like on plastic (probably not perfect), but might be looking into in the future. Makes aluminum look good I think.

Ball Screws vs Lead Screws

Nomad 883 Pro <an expensive machine at $2K> uses lead screws (cheaper than ball screws). However, from the forum…

@frank26080115, ballscrews are not a “silver bullet”. You’d probably need to go to at least a C7 grade ($$) to get as low a backlash as a good non-backlash leadscrew. Where ballscrews shine is in lifetime with large loads, which is not the environment the Nomad produces. Non-backlash leadscrews will give a very good performance and long life in this application.

Fusion 360

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