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  • “If you need me I'll be stage right / praying the whole world will start embracing stage fright.” –Lecrae, in Background
  • Who am I to spend my time with, Lord? If any in particular, I'm am quite fine with spending all of my free time with them, and really dedicating myself to understanding their problems and attempting to find the best way out for them. (O Lord, change this biased white male engineer)
    • Rarely is it the easy show-up-on-saturday-and-give-them-food plan.
  • Lord, do you care about any of the “progress” here on Earth other than bringing people to yourself? If not, quickly transform my whole mind into the way you see things, because people here have a much different view of things.
  • Julia recommends doing Servant Partners. Great intro PDF … read after you “figure out” God stuff?
  • Teaching would be interesting. Not sure whether STEM or other potentially more important things.

  • Kids are the future! Yeah…

Elevate Oregon

  • Show up. Consistently. Be an adult role model that cares about kids / the future.
  • Provide a counter-example to the world they know and grow up in.
  • You can push on kids to do the right thing.

Discussion with DCG black guy after presentation

  • There will be students that you can't reach. You did what you could
  • Some will be super motivated and just lack simple things like a laptop, maybe even food. It's easy to enable them!
  • Others have potential and need encouragement, maybe some accountability. They can blossom too.


Actually, it looks like it would be deductible (and thus eligible for matching by Intel), as long as you're “working” for most of the time.

Travel expenses are one of the most common deductions by volunteers. These include: • air, rail, and bus transportation • car expenses where travel is done by car • taxi fares or other costs of transportation between the airport or station and hotel • lodging costs, and • the cost of meals.

Example: Betty is a troop leader for a tax-exempt youth group and helps take the group on a camping trip. Betty is responsible for overseeing the setup of the camp and for providing adult supervision for other activities during the entire trip. Betty participated in the activities of the group and enjoyed her time with them. She oversaw the breaking of camp and helped transport the group home. Betty can deduct her travel expenses.


It's ok to receive something personally for what you gave, but the fair market value is not deductible.

Todo: See what Intel's policy on matching is.

Seems to be they'll only match the non-deductible part, which makes sense. But in the context of volunteering / mentoring, what is non-deductible? intelemgpguidelinesfaqs2019.pdf

Programming ?

Programming mentoring, kinda similar to Saturday Academy ASE.

Cool Sunset High School summer camp led by Jason Galbraith and PSU folks:

Why do it?

Fix home stuff

Home Plate Youth Services and Rebuilding Together Washington County


  • USA Computing Olympiad, Math Olympiad, etc.

Poor Economics

Just give them more money! Sort of…

You want to disincentivize the free-riders on one side and help those who work hard but can't quite make enough to get by. Unfortunately, the gray in the middle is difficult to slice up.

Read the book / watch class from MIT on Poor Economics.

Comments on YCombinator say the problem isn't money, <other typical stuff>, it's corruption! People stealing your stuff and money!

Another option is Development_as_Freedom by Amartya Sen


This book would not have been written but for the kindness of the people we met <in poor areas>. We were always treated as guests even though, more often than not, we had just walked in.

<Poor are barely different from the rich in wants/desires> Precisely because they are poor…they have to be sophisticated economists just to survive!

Ch 1+

A few things have helped the field tremendously:

  • Randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Allows them to really study problems without other variables getting in the way. (how much to subsidize bed nets and how that affects behavior regardless of economic background, personal habits, etc.)

Short people are short generally because of malnourishment. 2nd generation asian immigrants to the USA are much taller, with no breeding with US genetics.

Poor people aren't hungry for lack of food, generally. They tend to spend addtl. money

  • Tastier food
  • Festivals / tv / dvd
  • Anything to keep their mind off of being poor

Irvine / Orange County

Tutor Students

Muffin Ministry

  • A Saturday outreach by Newsong Young Adults among the homeless in Santa Ana, CA


  • Here's what April emailed:
  • I have a few thoughts and ideas for you…all important but not in order:
  1. You can submit requests to share about MM throughout Newsong HERE. That team determines the best means and platforms to share what's happening at Newsong with the best audiences. I have talked with Rey that really the best promotion is organic - a friend telling a friend who tells a friend. That's how a lot of causes gain energy and momentum at Newsong. Because there's SO much going on at Newsong (cause, events, groups, meetings) our team has to make the hard decisions of what gets shared with who and when. Therefore, that word of mouth is really most powerful.
  2. I would ask that your ENTIRE MM team read the book Toxic Charity. In fact, if you do, Newsong will reimburse you for reading the book. I would also connect you with a Cause Coach to walk your team through what you're reading in the book to help you process it. It's a really important book about how so many of the things we do are actually hurtful to “those in need” instead of transformational. We've already had about 20+ cause leaders at Newsong read this book and it's changing the way we think here.
  3. Connect with Shevawn Ramsey ( about your team participating in the next book club monthly meetings for Cause. They will start meeting again in September and are reading/discussing When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor . . . and Yourself.
  • We have received a list of organizations from Vinny of shelters that he is familiar with and we will post it soon.
  • Please let me know ASAP if you would like to read through the book Toxic Charity with us and an assigned Cause Coach from Newsong. Also, if you would like to be a part of the monthly book club meetings for Cause please post here as well.
  • If you're going to retreat and we have some free time, it would be great if we could try to meet and finalize some decisions (i.e. the leadership team, bible study on Saturday, etc.).
  • I am SOOOO excited how just in the past week, God has opened up crazy amazing doors for this ministry! We are definitely heading the direction God wants to lead us, but please keep praying!! WOO!! :D
  • Bike repair thing in OC seemed kinda cool too. Lots of unemployed young people apparently.
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