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Under cabinet LED Lighting Strip

One option is fluorescent lighting, similar to shop light. About same price? but harder to replace bulbs / sections of bulb.


Just buy an LED strip and in line outlet switches. Amazon List:, or PDF: led_lighting.pdf

  • Need to do strain relief so that you can solder right side up and then flip it under the cabinet a lot easier without breaking stuff.
  • Give like 3 feet of extra wire so you can do this soldering on the countertop and do any twisting needed. Tape behind the mounted strip
  • Ok to glue, but it'll just soften again when you don't want it to. Pre-solder the wire and the strip, then push them together with needlenose pliers. Then do full glue when done and confirmed electrically working.

Upright CNC Machine

Covid 19

Weird article that confuses total deaths per capita with rate of dying?! Linked by Greater Fool surprisingly.

  • Has some other good suggestions though.

A better article:

Work Laptop CPU fan slight roughness


I think I want some parts bins for frequently accessed stuff for the business and make use of vertical space on top of bookshelf and not use a giant laundry basket :) Needs to hold:

  • Led Strip rolls
  • USB cables. Maybe store them for house too? But pro
  • Resin bottles
  • Bike horns…still want to install those…

I'm moving towards the yellow tall bins since they are deep and tall and thin and more easily accessible. Only downside is that they don't stack.

  • Don't need to hold heavy stuff, so they can be “flimsy”

Bought it. It's yuuuge, but great so far!

Used Stuff

Used tech stuff. A nice site!

Selling small things on ebay is fine, but packing large items sucks.

  • Hard to estimate final packing dimensions without actually packing it
  • Have to scrounge around for packing materials

Want to try to avoid it by going onto Craigslist if at all possible.

Air Conditioning

Really only need it for a few occasional days in the summer. Window AC units is most efficient, since the condenser motor is outside. However, can run a two host portable air conditioner inside and can additional cover some holes…

Bias / Inequality

When wage gap inequality is presented, unfortunately not explicitly corrected for years of experience.

AI system bias. I feel like I can just do a quick math formula with bayes' rule and see the difference between bad bias and good, what people are talking about / trying to do.

  • “Statistics” / unbiased: “Of these 1000 people, which are more likely to be programmers”. Ok to say “white males” or whatever with no other features.
  • Bias: “Of these 1000 people, which are likely to become programmers”. Anyone can really become programmers, so intuitively a better predictor of this would be whether they like thinking and problem-solving rather than their gender or skin color.

Power tool replacement switches

But might also work to get a variable speed foot pedal. Depends on device, etc. Might need to downgrade to a momentary switch pedal instead.

Harbor Freight makes something. Might need to add a bigger heat sink for long-term operation. * *

Harbor Freight one sucks apparently!

Hillsboro Weather

Amazon Returns / Refunds

Somehow one item was returned, but another not?! Gave to UPS store, so don't have clear receipt. Urgh.

Seems like it's a recurring issue, even with a UPS tracking code! Somehow the customer is charged twice for this?!

Amazon just said over support chat (our error, don't worry about it..)?! Weird.

Bird Sounds

Can search Cornell Ornithology spectrograms online.,%20Washington,%20United%20States%20(US)&regionCode=US-WA-059



Would like to check out Moffett or Elowah Falls. They looked cool from the Washington side, not sure if they are visible from the highway on the Oregon side

Bird Calls


Very interesting story of Maxis Business games. SimRefinery is one:

But there are others (, including this gem.

Re-paving street asphalt

Called someone already for sealcoat.

Maybe call Leggett Asphalt as they had good Angie's List review?

Maybe contact Land Use and Transportation department?

The area is 6K square feet

Name Price Looks like Intent
Sealcoat $.14 - $.35 / sqft “paint” Low speeds / infrequent wear
Slurry seal $.47 - $.78 / sqft Goop + large particles High speeds / wear
Resurface / Milling $1-3 / sqft Grind off top layer and redo

Contractor stuff

1900 with seal, with crack fill. Patch for section 1200.

  • What other jobs have you done that I can inspect?
  • How are you going to solve the problem?
  • Good contractors say: “In order for this to be a good job that lasts, you need to do and _.”
  • “I am picky, how can you make sure I'm happy?___”

A good chunk of the road has moss on it. We can do the prep work for this ourselves of cleaning it off!

If just sealcoating is needed, it is potentially something we can do ourselves. Save on labor costs. However, I doubt that is all that is needed.

How much will sealcoating extend the life of the asphalt?

ORPIN search has some companies that were used:

Physical Mute button

Laptop keyboard has it, but is hidden in setup. Would like to use earbuds button, but seems like laptop doesn't respond to it / have full TRRS connector?

AutoHotKey doesn't seem to have support. has support:, try using the SoundSet api first:

Jobs for Kids

Assembling helmet kit. Gotta finish that…

Selling stuff on Craiglist. Mowing lawn.

Fusion 360 notes

“Thicken” is how you make stuff thicker.

Not sure why I lost my helmet part.

Towing with a Car

Hard on transmission due to inefficiency of torque converter at low RPMs (generates lots of heat). Great explanation:


Myung Soo Kim

Brother is Kyung Soo Kim

Carol Burnett

Singles bar sketch that I like: Very … the way I can think.


Are muscles efficient springs? How does that work??

Gas Fireplace

Thermopile provides power for opening and closing the valve. Runs on difference of heat from the pilot light.

Their brand is selkirk.

Need to hold in the pilot light knob for the pilot to light?

Air Conditioner

Parents air conditioner broke. Fan was spinning very slowly and got very hot. Initially suspected bad capacitor (it did look quite tired), but that didn't help. Buying a new motor to replace the old one: (frame

  • Frame 48Y

Fan blade:

Slumdog Millionaire

Great movie. Really eye-opening to a perspective on India you don't get to see much.

A lot of it is true sadly too:

Maker Faire

Really fun, especially for kids. Great opportunity for networking and learning from experts about what they do.


Tinker Camp, kids were quickly making cool stuff with just cardboard, scissors, and tape and loving it. They have adult sessions as well. 2nd wednesday of the month, 6-9 pm, doing hands on tenacious stuff around a story. Would be worth checking out once!

Oregon Amateur radio society, wrote down the stuff elsewhere.

PDX Hackerspace, they even have a building! $40 a month, no problem if unemployed. 24/7 access.


Frequently used doorknob (garage door) has stopped slamming shut. You can tell your manufacturer by looking at the latch. Schlage has no questions asked lifetime warranty on mechanical parts:

Georgian Aged Bronze Keyed Entry Door Knob:

CAS 1705162

F51 (new keyed latch)

CAS 1749141 is new number

Small Fixes

Some things that have helped me fix things and keep them working:

  • Shoe Goo for shoes and other things. Doesn't dry out in the container like rubber cement or silicone
  • If you're getting unreliable power especially when shaken on AA/AAA powered devices, check the battery terminals. The negative (spring/pushing) end tends to compress over time. Pulling on it and stretching it out again restores the tension on both terminals.

Intel Beneplace

Columbia employee store, can get access through Beneplace. However, don't feel confident the quality is 2X better than Amazon. But might want to check it out

Communication Medium

Negatives of Email

Race condition for adding new participants to thread if someone else is sending an email at the same time with old set of participants. Also, why send an email to everyone to just subscribe one person? No real update there.


  • Say what you want to do
  • Why you're qualified
  • And list some people that like you
  • And add bold and underlined so it looks professional.
  • Good and bad examples here: wa-co-special-election-2019_proof-4.pdf


Scary. You're like trapped in your body.


~$35 for mechanical one on amazon looks good. Free returns. Let's try it out! But check with M&D. Need to get it flat too. Also cold only is probably okay because the water is generally at sorta room temperature in the pipes most of the time.

Can turn down the strength by using the twist on toilet input (just takes longer to fill), or buy a t-joint that has a shut off valve built in.

T-Clock / TClock

h:nn “WW”Wi.wi\n yyyy-mm-dd

Potato Gun

Can fire by Banks. Just before Timber Junction on 26 off to the right there'll be a yellow gate.

Another thing is a rest stop.

Or just look for clear cuts on Google Maps


Cheap igloo cooler isn't as tough as the Yeti, but it is a lot lighter. And can be easily spray foam filled with insulation and adding another inch on the inside.


Try reading and doing the bates method. Good book is apparently at the beaverton library…Relearning to See. Thomas Quackenbush.

Intel out of network optical coverage: 6_medical_plans.pdf

End Myopia and Friends

What slows myopia the most? (with availability)
Atropine (60%-87 ??%) - many doctors are not aware of the research on low-dose atropine and reject atropine based on the side effects of the normally available 1% strength.
Ortho-K (orthokeratology) (40% to ??) -
Soft Bifocal Contact Lenses (40% to 87%?) - nearly all doctors
Outdoor Time over 2 hours/day (50%??) - plan for it

  • Not so much reading glasses in their research.

Call up optometrist, see if they know about and measure:


Trying out Zenni optical.


Bought with GlassesUSA this time. $60 all in per box.

From the same company, they double the price ($30) when renewing contacts, but when you google for the same contacts they compete like crazy but then throw in a 50% markup “processing fee” in your cart! Interesting. And it's really hard to price match with them. Weird.

Free online vision test? Through OptiContacts:

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