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Myung Soo Kim

Brother is Kyung Soo Kim

Carol Burnett

Singles bar sketch that I like: Very … the way I can think.


Are muscles efficient springs? How does that work??

Gas Fireplace

Thermopile provides power for opening and closing the valve. Runs on difference of heat from the pilot light.

Their brand is selkirk.

Need to hold in the pilot light knob for the pilot to light?

Air Conditioner

Parents air conditioner broke. Fan was spinning very slowly and got very hot. Initially suspected bad capacitor (it did look quite tired), but that didn't help. Buying a new motor to replace the old one: (frame

  • Frame 48Y

Fan blade:

Slumdog Millionaire

Great movie. Really eye-opening to a perspective on India you don't get to see much.

A lot of it is true sadly too:

Maker Faire

Really fun, especially for kids. Great opportunity for networking and learning from experts about what they do.


Tinker Camp, kids were quickly making cool stuff with just cardboard, scissors, and tape and loving it. They have adult sessions as well. 2nd wednesday of the month, 6-9 pm, doing hands on tenacious stuff around a story. Would be worth checking out once!

Oregon Amateur radio society, wrote down the stuff elsewhere.

PDX Hackerspace, they even have a building! $40 a month, no problem if unemployed. 24/7 access.


Frequently used doorknob (garage door) has stopped slamming shut. You can tell your manufacturer by looking at the latch. Schlage has no questions asked lifetime warranty on mechanical parts:

Georgian Aged Bronze Keyed Entry Door Knob:

CAS 1705162

F51 (new keyed latch)

CAS 1749141 is new number

Small Fixes

Some things that have helped me fix things and keep them working:

  • Shoe Goo for shoes and other things. Doesn't dry out in the container like rubber cement or silicone
  • If you're getting unreliable power especially when shaken on AA/AAA powered devices, check the battery terminals. The negative (spring/pushing) end tends to compress over time. Pulling on it and stretching it out again restores the tension on both terminals.

Intel Beneplace

Columbia employee store, can get access through Beneplace. However, don't feel confident the quality is 2X better than Amazon. But might want to check it out

Communication Medium

Negatives of Email

Race condition for adding new participants to thread if someone else is sending an email at the same time with old set of participants. Also, why send an email to everyone to just subscribe one person? No real update there.


  • Say what you want to do
  • Why you're qualified
  • And list some people that like you
  • And add bold and underlined so it looks professional.
  • Good and bad examples here: wa-co-special-election-2019_proof-4.pdf


Scary. You're like trapped in your body.


~$35 for mechanical one on amazon looks good. Free returns. Let's try it out! But check with M&D. Need to get it flat too. Also cold only is probably okay because the water is generally at sorta room temperature in the pipes most of the time.

Can turn down the strength by using the twist on toilet input (just takes longer to fill), or buy a t-joint that has a shut off valve built in.

T-Clock / TClock

h:nn “WW”Wi.wi\n yyyy-mm-dd

Potato Gun

Can fire by Banks. Just before Timber Junction on 26 off to the right there'll be a yellow gate.

Another thing is a rest stop.

Or just look for clear cuts on Google Maps


Cheap igloo cooler isn't as tough as the Yeti, but it is a lot lighter. And can be easily spray foam filled with insulation and adding another inch on the inside.


Try reading and doing the bates method. Good book is apparently at the beaverton library…Relearning to See. Thomas Quackenbush.

Intel out of network optical coverage: 6_medical_plans.pdf

End Myopia and Friends

What slows myopia the most? (with availability)
Atropine (60%-87 ??%) - many doctors are not aware of the research on low-dose atropine and reject atropine based on the side effects of the normally available 1% strength.
Ortho-K (orthokeratology) (40% to ??) -
Soft Bifocal Contact Lenses (40% to 87%?) - nearly all doctors
Outdoor Time over 2 hours/day (50%??) - plan for it

  • Not so much reading glasses in their research.

Call up optometrist, see if they know about and measure:


Trying out Zenni optical.


Bought with GlassesUSA this time. $60 all in per box.

From the same company, they double the price ($30) when renewing contacts, but when you google for the same contacts they compete like crazy but then throw in a 50% markup “processing fee” in your cart! Interesting. And it's really hard to price match with them. Weird.

Free online vision test? Through OptiContacts:

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