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Some Movies I'd Be Interested In Watching

  • Food, Inc. (on Netflix). About processed foods and what they go through to get to your plate.
  • Finding Neverland (oscar?)
  • Rest of Schindler's List, BBC nazi “final solution” ending
  • Terry recommended the Notebook, and The Intern.
  • Kiyoko recommended “Silence”, about missionaries in Japan.

Movies I've Enjoyed

  • October Sky: Very emotion-filled movie about some high school kids from a mining town in West Virginia wanted to build a rocket. A ton of swearing though, which detracts from the movie.
  • Shawshank Redemption: Best movie on IMDb list, and I would agree so far! Up there with Dark Knight and Inception and 12 angry men.
  • The Fault in our Stars:

what struck you about gus ? they were clearly opposites, him and hazel Dorothy • 6:09 PM err, his ability to commit despite knowing of the parts of Hazel. or maybe he read her well and did know about her deeply 6:10 PM Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau i think it seemed like a hand in hand thing: he read her well enough, and as time passed he got to know the deep parts of her that and he had an overall theme of, it would be a privilege for you to break my heart, but on the off chance that you don't, i'm more than just friends with you and i'm willing to explore our connection/relationship Dorothy • 6:12 PM hmm I think what strikes me is that he wanted to commit to her *her* like…why would you want to hang out with a partially depressed person? 6:18 PM Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau haha! i kind of wnat to read the book… i can't believe i'm saying that, i never want to read the book after the movie Dorothy • 6:19 PM why not hang out with idealists such as yourself? 6:19 PM Nolan Hergert why me? the opposite of you? “opposite” meaning definitely not the same 6:19 PM Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau it would be repetitious Dorothy • 6:20 PM well, especially a depressed individual meaning, repetitious in the really tiring sense 6:21 PM Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau haha yes well Dorothy • 6:21 PM “Well Hazel Grace….you are the most beautiful girl to walk the planet” 6:22 PM Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau there's always hope, that's part of gus's character and his story Dorothy • 6:22 PM “and I can't stop wanting to hang around you” 6:22 PM Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau isn't it sweet tho? Dorothy • 6:23 PM yeah! had the rest of the movie not been executed so well, I would not have recommended it as he's delusional or something 6:24 PM Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau so u do not like gus's character Dorothy • 6:24 PM mmm, I like it after watching the rest of the movie but I need to re-watch it a few times to really absorb it for myself to let the raindrops water my parched soul 6:26 PM Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau whoa whoa, put the gun down nolar but on the real do u relate more to the hazel character Dorothy • 6:27 PM very easily 6:28 PM Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau makes sense all i can say is, i can see why gus likes her and i can see why, even with hesitation that hazel likes him back Dorothy • 6:28 PM why does Gus like her? why would he pour all that time and energy into her? (especially before she starts opening up) hehe I have been silently asking that of other people for a while now 57 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau maybe you should ask “gus's” gus' plural gus like characters people if you ask hazel type ppl then ur gonna get a reinforcement of your own belief system Dorothy • 52 mins yikes 51 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau right? Dorothy • 51 mins I have forgotten what ppl say because they aren't explained from a Hazel perspective 51 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau … Dorothy • 50 mins hehe 50 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau i think i will perpetually, shake my head probably laughing while i do it listening to this rhetoric Dorothy • 50 mins err, like…I want to hear it from a Hazel-turned-Gus hmm <sigh> 49 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau but hazel doesn't become gus so Dorothy • 49 mins maybe I'll ask my internal questions out loud 49 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau at least story wise, she doesn't change , the character she holds stays the same, she's still critical and she's still all the things before what's your internal question Dorothy • 48 mins “are you sure?!” “why are you so sure?” –> I'm not but I choose into it 😃 47 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau hehe! Dorothy • 47 mins <explosion> 47 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau LOL well first of all, no one explodes bec a relationship ends Dorothy • 47 mins no, like mind exploding 47 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau i know Dorothy • 47 mins sorry, texts are inefficient 47 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau i hear you making the sound right now Dorothy • 46 mins k 46 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau but they help you form your thoughts u've had the time to gather your thoughts anyway, secondly, there's no guarantee you can know everything about someone, the best you can do is spend time with them ask them questions do fun things with them do not fun things with them Dorothy • 45 mins “no one explodes bec a relationship ends” meaning? 44 mins Nolan Hergert Dorothy Lau i'm saying, its not the end of the world if it doesn't work from a gus point of view, the risk of this relationship not working, is worth committing to it until it absolutely doesn't work, bec the truth is that it could work, u just don't know it till you try it Dorothy • 39 mins Dorothy Lau and if you're trying it, why not commit, because you may as well have the best foot forward if you're risking both the potential of failing and the potential of succeeding

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