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All Things Mac


Hardware Fixes

  • The hinge started squeaking and cracking-ish noises when I closed it in intervals after a while. Turns out the fix is just tightening the screws on the underside near to the hinge. Good to go :)

Quick Tips

Quick Tools

  • Skitch seems like a really good quick photo / screenshot editing program.
  • PreyProject, free, and very similar to Hidden.
  • :home:hidden.pngHidden App, great for finding a lost Mac-only computer. Takes photo of user and uses SkyHook for localization.
  • Running (and installing) Wine on Mac! 600 diggs
  • Cronnix Quick GUI Cron Script editing! (great for autosaving stuff like git commits)
  • Seashore is a good quick image editing app (easier than GIMP in my opinion)
  • Thumbs Up image resizing app
  • Disk Inventory X (shows graphically disk usage by folder)


Web Server


top -o cpu


touch /Volumes/NOLAN_FLASH/.metadata_never_index
  • Tell Chrome to not open PDF's (corrupts them when you “save page”): Disable PDF Viewer plugin in Chrome plugins…

Useful Programs

Chrome Extensions:

  • AdBlock, FlashControl, YouTube Downloader


–Git, CrossPack –CoolTerm –FileZilla

OS X Programs

–Dock: TotalFinder, Flux, Droplr, Dropbox, Menu Meters, Caffeine –Editing: Smultron / TextMate, –Documents: Office for Mac (especially Word, need to port that over to dokuwiki), iWork –FlowChart Software? –VLC, Steam, Skype, Matlab

  • Mac has great built in diff tool called FileMerge



–Install Wine, Arduino, Processing, –Re-Install Windows 7 with VirtualBox? –Remote Desktop with CoRD –MindMapping with Dia? –Disk Scanning with Disk Inventory X

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