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 ====== All Things Computer ====== ====== All Things Computer ======
 +===== Wifi Adapter from TigardPC =====
 +Realtek something. Don't remember exactly, but it works on work laptop Windows 10 for some reason and not on the chunky Thinkpad..
 +===== Chrome search engine overwritten =====
 +And can't change it too. For OSX:
 +  * Go to system preferences -> Profiles -> Delete all those bad profiles!
 +===== Windows Cloud Graphics VM =====
 +Mostly for fast CAD stuff. Paperspace has a good hourly one I think, except fixed $5/mo for 50GB of storage. 
 ===== VPN Required? =====  ===== VPN Required? ===== 
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 Overwrite firmware: Overwrite firmware:
 cd; curl -LO && sudo bash cd; curl -LO && sudo bash
-Use RW_LEGACY  firmware+Use RW_LEGACY  firmware. But can use full firmware if you undo the write protect screw inside laptop. (ISO or alongside chrome os) (ISO or alongside chrome os)
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