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Some say the universe is “fine tuned” for life

The naturalist admits, yes, the apparent constants in nature which cooperate to produce the reality we're in are set at precise values. If even the slightest bit different - like more than 1 inch variance over the span of the known universe - and the whole thing is gone (or very, very different)…

The problem with the initial statement is that it has smuggled in purpose: “for life.” While there is a great deal of evidence that the fundamental laws are in very specific positions, there is no reason to assume that this is is for the purpose of life. Instead of belaboraing the point, spend 9 minutes on this:

Recently I'd heard something new on this topic that drove the point home for me: Consider a house as an analogy for the universe. In this house, the regions known to be hospitable to life would be collectively smaller than a single proton. All other regions would immediately and violently destroy life. One would not walk away from this house thinking “that house was designed for life” - Quite the contrary. One might even wonder how in this house, if it was designed at all was clearly designed for death, life managed to exist somewhere (perhaps this is an argument for a miracle) :).

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