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Aaron Potratz

  • Other people are able to diagnose us much better than we can ourselves → relationships are good
  • Why is reflecting so important? Isn't it unnecessary if you are talking about obvious things that are hard to misinterpret? “What I'm hearing is that … is that correct?” → “Yeah, we should do…”
  • I am pretty poor at asking questions that are feelings-related and encouraging
  • Why does the Red & Black game and the review afterwards work so well at pulling out subconscious thoughts, or “programs”?
  • Remind me again of the right balance between getting to know / investing into people and getting work done
  • How can I do better at remembering and managing priorities?!

I would like to learn about and be immersed in the techniques of psychology and therapy. I perceive additionally that a lot of my peers would like to be in deeper and more meaningful relationships with people, and lack not motivation but someone to coach them through their own unsureness of what to do.

Currently, my own issues do not seem urgent, nor are they so private that someone else can't observe, and thus *weekly private* meetings with a licensed counselor / psychologist are not necessary. Additionally, a typical classroom and lecture environment did not feel as exciting or transformative as my weekends attending life coaching seminars where you got to face yourself easier and are not constrained by needing to get tested on material.

I am looking for advice on what would be the best way to go forward, and to find out about other options in the Portland or West Coast area. Some options might be group workshops or a long term apprenticeship / mentorship / “job shadow” experience. However, I am open to personal counseling appointments and good books if that is the best way to go ahead at this time.

Hi Aaron,

Pastor Matt recommended I talk with you/Kurt Free about a few questions I had about learning counseling. If you could point me to some resources or an appointment with you, I would be grateful!

There are several questions, but two that jump out to me.

  • How can I see myself and others' subconcious thoughts/feelings better? For example, at a life coaching group session, something about the setup/mood made it so that I could see my own perfectionism/fear of failure (which I thought I didn't have) and how that limited me moving forward in my issues at that time. How can I see the effects of my unapparent-to-me subconcious again?
  • Are there any week or weekend *immersive* job shadows or workshops that you would recommend for learning/experiencing the above? Another option is books or a class, but I prefer interaction. :)



  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy quick overview

Life Coaching

Klemmer and Associates

Really great weekend of learning and experiencing more things about myself in a very brain-busting way! (a good thing).

Got a second opinion from my Dad on the Advanced Leadership workshop, and he recommended waiting to spend the $2,000. I want to discover my own sunglasses more. It's probably just not easy for me to see them myself! There look to be some good books on Amazon. Brian (Klemmer) says repetition and experience help you to learn something new.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, but one word can be worth 1,000 pictures! In writing, you are forced to be precise and say what you mean, and not rely on body cues. Hmm…

I really feel that I need to read this book thoroughly and quickly, not looking to the right or the left. Same with the Advanced Leadership workshop.

History of Life Coaching

Includes “The Inner Game” Tim Galwey and Thomas Leonard (founder of International Coaching Federation). here

Great Tips on Motivation


  • Be able to fight through fear.
  • Don't hang out with people who are struggling. Hang out with those who will encourage you.

My Fight with God


It's really amazing how God will allow something that is seemingly unfair to become a saving grace when taken in its proper perspective. I went from being single and unable to create an intimate relationship to being happily married for 26 years with three great children…I went from having no career purpose to founding Klemmer and Associates Leadership Seminars, which did business in nine countries last year, impacting tens of thousands of individuals' lives in a significant way with our seminars. If you fight with God and survive, you will surely be able to win every other fight in life. I did, and so can you! And if you lose a fight with God, you still win. Not explained

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