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A novel by Ayn Rand. (Summary of Ayn Rand at: * rand/)

Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged

  • Dagny wanted a conciousness to share similar to her own
  • Why is Christian/religious life where “strong work for the weak”? Why is that bad?
  • Why do Dagny and Hank go nutso before the reporters before the train opening talking about how they'll make 20% profits? I still don't get the profit argument, that's not our only motivation, right?
  • Dagny feels safe on the line because she is first, blazing the trail, knowing what's ahead. Not helpless
  • The motor would have added 10 years to every person's life…freed people to do other labor, made everything more productive.
  • Lots of characters that are various shades of opposite of Dagny and Rearden.
  • It takes Real research to find someone/something out takes a lot of hard work! Keep asking good questions / ask for names of ppl to contact. Similar to you trying to find the smell of soap. Good modeling on the part of Ayn Rand
  • Philosopher at mountain diner was a master cook, expert technique with minimal simple ingredients
  • “Taggart Transcontinental was not a living plant, fed by blood it had worked to produce, but a cannibal of the moment, devouring the unborn children of greatness.”
  • “I don't think the strong should have the right to wound the selfesteem of the weak”
  • Dr. stadler: it's lonely being on top. You yearn to find someone to compete with. You just find ppl hating you for being awesome.
  • Rearden: In response to Ken Danagger saying Rearden was the only man he ever loved. “Who made it our duty to accept, as the only reward for our work, the gray torture of pretending love for those who roused us to nothing but contempt?” (why didn't he hang out with Danagger more?)
  • President of Atlantic Southern dared not admit that he cared for his railroad more than the people of Germany….ouch…..she throws a burn to religion too “love is the key to mystic secrets, they cried, love and selfless sacrifice to the needs of others.”
  • Francisco had given Dagny “an invaluable defense against despair * * the knowledge that a living intelligence had heard her and understood”
  • James Taggart,on speech: “ was never to let oneself or others understand anything down to the root”

I wonder what Ayn Rand would have thought of people in poor countries ring happier with fishing every day and resting, providing for their family bs businessman who works really hard for a long time to take retirement and fish every day and relax the same with his family. Hmmmm…., eventually you start running out of fish?

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